10 Most Beautiful Places In Taiwan

10 Most Beautiful Places In Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful island that has been famous for centuries as Ilha Formosa. In Taiwan, you can enjoy some of the most popular Tourist Places visited by tourists such as towering sea cliffs, marble canyons and tropical forests just beginning of your journey.

Taiwan trip, you can ride the mountains on hiking paths that have been provided or bike along the coastline with blue sea water on one side and the green volcanic arch on the other. And if you just want a classic scene to enjoy, you'll find it every time you visit Taiwan.

Here are 10 Most Beautiful Places In Taiwan that you must stop and enjoy the beauty with friends or family.

1. Shi Fen Waterfall

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Best places to go in Taiwan the first is Shi Fen Waterfall is located in Pingxi District in the Keelung River. This waterfall offers beauty charm for the visitors. Located not too far from Taipei City, most beautiful places in Taiwan is indeed offering its own charm, especially for those who want to find peace in the hustle of life in a big city.

Shi Fen Waterfall best of Taiwan, relax with family while looking at the waterfall from a various angle with the panorama of beautiful waterfall pool will give our peace of mind. Natural aura issued by Shi Fen Waterfall is very strong indeed. making everyone standing under it feel comfortable and calm.

In addition to the surrounding natural scenery is so cool, valleys, mountains soaring, clear river flow until the rock at the bottom really into one amazing unity. So we recommend you for Taiwan places to visit one of them is Shi Fen Waterfall.
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2. Alishan National Scenic Area

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Alishan National Scenic Area is one of Taiwan tourist attractions that must be for you to visit while on vacation to Taiwan. This park is the Alishan National Nature Region in the form of a mountain resort and nature reserve located in Alishan City, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Places in Taiwan has an area of 415 square kilometers, you can enjoy panoramic views of mountain ranges, waterfalls, highland tea plantations, Alishan railways and a number of hiking trails. Places to visit in Taiwan is already very popular among the national and foreign tourists and mountaineers because of its beauty. Alishan itself is one of the main landmarks associated with the country of Taiwan. This the best places to visit in Taiwan because also famous for highland tea production and also wasabi.

In addition, Alishan is also very famous for the beauty of sunrise (sunrise). You can observe and enjoy the sunrise in the morning in a sea of clouds in the area between Alishan and Yushan.

3. Shei-Pa National Park

Taiwan tourist spots

Shei-Pa National Park is one of Taiwan's tourist spots that you can visit next while on vacation to Taiwan. The parks located in the central part of Taiwan or around the 768.5 square kilometer Mountain Hsuehshan and Dabajian Peaks provide high mountain ecology, topography, river, river valley and also rare animals and plants.

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4. Taroko National Park

Taiwan points of interest

Taroko National Park is one of the must-visit Taiwan tourism and enjoys its beauty located in Ren'ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. In this place, you can enjoy the scenery of the Nine Gorge Tunnels, the Eternal Spring Temple, Swallow's Nest, Chinheng Park, Bunda Asih Bridge, Chueilu Gorge, Lioufang Bridge, Tayuling Sang Agung Hill and also Puloh Bay.

In addition to its beautiful natural beauty and charming. Taroko National Park and its surroundings are also famous for its abundant marble reserves. The rocks seen in Taroko now existed 200 million years ago as the basis of sediments in the oceans. In addition in this place is also known there are many Jade Stone.

In addition, mountains in Taroko National Park is a lot of river flow is quite heavy so you can do activities Rafting with amazing natural panorama along the river.

5. Kenting National Park

best places to see in Taiwan

Kenting National Park is one of the best places to see in Taiwan that you must visit and enjoy while visiting Taiwan with family, friends or with a partner. National park located on Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County, Taiwan is the oldest national park in Taiwan. This Taiwan vacation spot is famous for its tropical climate with bright sunshine, beautiful mountains, and beautiful clean beaches.

6. National Palace Museum

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The next places to go in Taipei you can visit is the National Palace Museum located in Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan. In this museum, you can see 700,000 pieces of imperial artifacts and Ancient Tiongkon artworks that make the National Museum of the Palace into the Largest Museum for similar types in the world.

In this collection covers more than 10,000 years of Chinese history from the Neolithic Period to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

7. Raohe Street Night Market

Taipei tourist attractions

The next Taipei tourist spots are Raohe Street Night Market. It's incomplete if you visit Taiwan do not stop by shopping at Raohe Street Night Market. This place is one of the oldest night markets in Taiwan located in Songshan District, Taiwan.

Raohe Street Night Market is Taiwan famous places to visit, Located on Raohe street along 600 meters in this place there is also the Ciyou Temple which stands with a very majestic. The night market can be accessed on foot to the north of Songshan Station on Metro Taipei. If you come from the Blue Line Raohe Night Market metro station it can also be accessed via Houshan station with a 5-minute walk.

8. Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

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The next Taipei tourist attractions you can visit is Songshan Cultural and Creative Park located in Xinyi District, Taipei. The park previously designated as a tobacco factory was in 2001. The city government of Taipei made this place as the 99th historic place in Taipei city and turned it into a park consisting of historical places, the historical structure with a very beautiful architectural structure.

Together with Taipei Dome, the site is known as the Taipei Culture and Sports Complex.

9. Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Museum

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The next Taiwan vacation is the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Museum otherwise known as the Buddha Memorial Center is a cultural museum based on the Dharma Humanistic education of the Mahayana Buddhist school. The museum, located in Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan is based on the Dharma practice of Fo Guang Shan, one of the largest Buddhist organizations in Taiwan.
In the museum that was built in 2008 and opened to the public in 2011, you can see the dental relics of Sidharta Gautama, a prince of the Sakya Kingdom, the inventor of the middle path who achieved enlightenment into a Buddha.

The Buddhist Memorial Center is also listed in the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 2014 to be in one of 10 important monuments that you must visit while on a Taiwan visit. 

10. Yangmingshan National Park

best places to go in Taiwan

The next Taipei places to visit is the Yangmingshan National Park located between Taipei City and New Taipei City. In this park, you can enjoy the beauty of Sakura Flower, hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles and mountaineering trails in the mountains that are no longer active ie Mount Tujuh Bintang as high as 1120 meters above sea level.

Besides from the top of the mountain, in this Taipei tourism, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls and abundant basins and andesite stones that largely form this region. 

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