Batur Mountain Bali and Batur Lake

Batur Bali - Bali is Indonesia's most famous tourism prima donna to all over the world. In addition to the famous beaches as beautiful as Bali's paradise is also famous for its unique art and cultural tourism as well as other amazing natural attractions One of them is Geopark Batur Mountain Bali and Batur Lake located in Bangli regency, Bali Island.

Geopark Gunung Batur Another Beauty In The Island of Bali

Batur Mountain view Bali
Batur Mountain Bali

Batur mountain views Bali, Geopark Gunung Batur on the island of Bali is another natural beauty that you can visit and enjoy on the island of Bali. The area of Geopark Gunung Batur is the largest and most beautiful caldera in the world because there is a 16.6 square kilometer crescent lake Batur lake and is the second largest caldera lake Batur in Indonesia after Lake Toba in North Sumatera Province, Indonesia.

Batur Lake and Pura Batur Bali
Batur Lake Bali

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On the outskirts of Lake Batur Bali, there are a number of Bali Batur temples that can be visited as tourist villages such as Ulun Lake Batur Temple, Pancering Jagat Terunyan Temple, and Bukit Mentik Temple. The Batur Bali area also has a unique biodiversity. One of them is Kintamani Dog that has a head shape like Wolves and a similar body Dog cau-cau from China. In addition in Kintamani also grow a lot of Edelweiss Flower Tree Kassian Hill, Orange and horticultural plants typical of mountains such as cabbage, chili, and tomato.

Geopark located in District Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali Province has an amazing landscape of Batur Bali volcano which is formed from the activity of Batur Ancient volcano around 29.300 - 20.150 thousand years ago. In addition to having a beautiful panorama, In Batur Mountain Bali you can blend with the surrounding community is closely related to the original Balinese Hindu culture that will certainly make you amazed.
Batur mountain Bali is centered around the Batur Mountain Caldera at an altitude of 1717 m, in northeast Bali. The area covers an area of 100 square kilometers consisting of Mount Batur Caldera and Lake Batur. Batur lake Bali is a water source for agriculture irrigation with traditional Balinese traditional system (Subak) which has been recognized by UNESCO as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Batur Lake Bali
Lake Batur in Bali

In addition to enjoying the panorama of nature is very beautiful and charming, at Batur lake Bali Indonesia you can see the uniqueness of other Balinese culture of Bali Ancient Traditions or Bali Aga which still remains sustainable in Trunyan is an island located right in the middle of Lake Batur Hindu Trunyan is The original Hindu heritage of Majapahit Kingdom. The indigenous peoples of this region do not burn the dead as in other parts of Bali but only put under the scattering trees and are capable of muffling the bodies.

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With its own natural beauty, as well as its unique culture, the 11th European Geopark Conference in Arouca, Portugal on 19-21 September 2012 includes Geopark Gunung Batur as Global Geopark Network UNESCO along with 91 other Geoparks from 21 countries. Geopark Gunung Batur is internationally recognized for its natural beauty, archeological and geological trails and unique cultural peculiarities of its people.

The entry of Batur Mountain Bali and Batur Lake in the international geopark list is a recognition of UNESCO for the sustainable management of Geoparks. In addition, Geopark Gunung Batur represents geological sites for international interest, scarcity, beauty, and promotes sustainable development for local communities.

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