Barak Wall Waterfall in Bali

Hear the name of Bali, what do you think about it? Hmmmm ... Must be a row of exotic beaches. As a world tourist attraction, Bali provides a very complete facility to be able to satisfy the tourists. No wonder, when many tourists are interested to visit this place and always interested to come back again, again and again.

It would be very happy to learn the culture, swim in the beaches, greet the friendly people, enjoy the breeze in the middle of the village, and the other beauty that is on the Island of the Gods. Speaking of Bali attractions, it will never end.

If the beach or hill tour is too maenstream in Bali, there are other alternative tours that you can visit in Bali. Yes, you should know, that Bali has a waterfall paradise that really is able to spoil the eye, one of which is still fairly new is Barak Wall Waterfall.

Barak Wall Waterfall in Bali

Barak Wall Waterfall began hits since late 2015 ago. The location is quite hidden to be the reason why Barak Wall Water is just exposed to the media. Waterfall Wall Barak like liliput among other Bali tours that have already been worldwide.

The history of Waterfall Barak's name
Why called Barak Wall? So at first this way, the word "wall" means "wall". While the word "barak" is taken from the Balinese language which means is red. So, Barak Wall Waterfall is synonymous with Red Wall Waterfall. Why called "Red Wall"? Because the wall behind the red waterfall.

Location of Barak Wall Waterfall
Barak Wall Waterfall is located in Sambangan, Sukasada, Singaraja, Buleleng, Bali. It takes about 30 KM from the city center, or takes about 1 hour to travel by private vehicle. A short enough time is not it? The important thing is to keep the safety.

Entrance Ticket to Barak Wall Waterfall
At first, to be able to enjoy exotic waterfall Barak Wall is not charged a penny. But because of the increasing number of travelers who visit, admission tickets finally put into effect. This is done to complement the needs of facilities that are still not complete. Because the comfort and safety of visitors most preferred.

Access to Barak Wall Waterfall location
Access to the location can be quite good and easy. Not only that, during the trip, you will also be treated to the surrounding natural view that is so reconcile. You will be taken through the countryside with a friendly greeting Sambangan residents, you will also be taken through the clove gank where on the edge of the road filled with clove plants. In addition, you will also be treated to views of green rice fields and forests that so reconcile.

Oh yeah, you have to prepare your physics for 700 meters before you reach the location you have to walk to pass the path. So, make sure your vehicle is deposited in a safe place.

This place is recommended for you who want to alienate from the chaos of the city of Bali. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and underwater camera. Make sure also bring enough food and drink. To keep in mind that is, be friendly to the locals, do not be arrogant, respect the culture and local customs, do not waste any garbage. And, while maintaining the natural conservation around. Have a nice trip.

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