Enjoy The Uniqueness of Ake Sahu Beach At Tidore Indonesia

Enjoy The Uniqueness of Ake Sahu Beach At Tidore

Enjoy The Uniqueness of Ake Sahu Beach At Tidore -  Tidore is an archipelago located in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. This region has been famous since time immemorial because of its cloves and nutmeg. Besides being rich in spices, the Tidore Islands are also blessed with beautiful natural charms, one of which is Ake Sahu Beach.

Ake Sahu Beach is one of the Tidore Islands Mainstay Tours that you can visit and enjoy its beauty. Besides being beautiful, this beach has its own beauty. At Ake Sahu Beach you can enjoy the hot tub located on the shoreline. Even though it is located on the beach, this hot tub is not intruded with sea water so it feels like it is still fresh. By the surrounding community, Ake Sahu Beach Hot Swimming Water in Tidore is believed to cure various skin diseases.

The beach is located in the eastern part of Tidore Island or precisely located in Kelurahan Tosa, Kecamatan Tidore Timur, Kota Tidore Kepulauanm, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. The location on the side of the main road is very easy to find.

You need to know that the source of this hot spring pool comes from the sidelines of the roots of a banyan tree that grows on the edge of the pond which is believed to be sacred by the surrounding community.

Enjoy The Uniqueness of Ake Sahu Beach At Tidore

Besides having its own uniqueness that you can only find on Ake Sahu Beach, this place also has a very beautiful beach panorama to enjoy. Expanse of clean white sand sparkling clean sea water in turquoise with small forests and green hills makes Ake Sahu Beach worthy of your visit while on vacation to Tidore Island, North Maluku Province, Indonesia.

Enjoying the panorama of the beach while soaking in a hot tub accompanied by a breeze and leaf singing in the wind will make you feel comfortable and linger at this beautiful Ake Sahu Beach.

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