Things To Do In Bali Seminyak

Things to do in Bali Seminyak - Who does not know Seminyak area in Bali with its cool villa range and most hits shopping place? But you know, besides, there are still some other exciting things that can be found in Seminyak. Seminyak is one area in Bali province which is more precisely located north of Legian area. The famous thing from Seminyak is the number of private villas that vary in price. Be an interesting idea if it is a long holiday time, you and your family plan to vacation in Seminyak. There are many things to do in Seminyak that will give a meaningful impression to those of you who choose a vacation to Seminyak Bali. What are some exciting things to do in Seminyak Bali? Well, consider the following reviews:
Seminyak is preferred by tourists looking for the private villa because in Seminyak there are many luxury private villas for rent. In addition to private villas, Seminyak is also renowned as a shopping place that offers unique and upscale merchandise, luxury SPA treatments, as well as a five-star standard restaurant & bar.

If you can say, Seminyak has become an elite tourist area for foreign and domestic tourists. Due to the wide range of luxurious facilities available in Seminyak area, the attractions in Seminyak become very famous and become a barometer of luxury sights in Bali.

Here we summarize all the fun and exciting things you can do in Seminyak.


1. Take pictures in the hall full of wonders: The entrance to W Retreat & Spa

In addition to beautiful beaches, this place must be visited by you who like to take pictures. Guaranteed post your Instagram will be more beautiful and will reap a lot like!
A corridor made of neatly lined bamboo trees will welcome you as soon as you enter the W Retreat & Spa area, creating a stunning view and making anyone who sees it unrestrained and pauses to take a picture.

things to do in bali seminyak A corridor made of neatly lined bamboo trees will welcome you as soon as you enter the W Retreat

The natural curve of tall, lean and leafy bamboo stems frames the entrance to the inside of W Retreat & Spa so beautifully as a hallway into a miraculous world.

W Retreat & Spa
Location: Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Seminyak, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Phone: 0361-300 0106


2. Witness the thrilling fire attraction: Nirvana Burger Bar

If you want to fill your evening with a complete entertainment package, stop by to the Nirvana Burger Bar which serves a wide selection of burger menus and a variety of drinks, as well as entertainment in the form of live performances.
But that's not all that makes this place special. There is one thing that distinguishes it from other similar bars. Not only musical performances, here you can also see the awesome fire dance attraction!
Come every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be able to watch performances that combine the art and dexterity of fire play. And at the top of the show, the climax is a spectacular spark that comes from the back of the dancer!
And if that's not enough to keep you entertained, every Monday and Wednesday here also showcase a magic show ready to impress you. How, want a complete evening entertainment?
Nirvana Burger Bar
Location: Jl. Laksmana 50B, Seminyak, Badung District, Bali 80361
Phone: 0361-736 270
Price: Burger from US$ 4


3. Walk down the beautiful beach at Seminyak beach: Seminyak Beach

Relax at the Beach
Things to do in Seminyak The next Bali is relaxing on the beach enjoying the beauty of the beach as well as enjoying the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Coming to Seminyak will be a pity if you do not come to Seminyak Beach. Seminyak Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali. Do not be surprised if Seminyak Beach always enlivened by tourists both local and from abroad. You can enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise at Seminyak Beach. If you want to swim, you must first note the condition of water waves in Seminyak Beach because this one beach is likely to have a wave of water is quite extreme.

Seminyak Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Bali

After spending time in the festive Seminyak area, the calm atmosphere of Seminyak Beach can refresh your mind and energy.

There are many things you can enjoy while walking along the beach that runs along this area of Seminyak, especially on Sunday before dusk. Among these are watching people running late in the afternoon with their dogs, happy children to play kites or a group of cool young men playing soccer by the beach. Even if you are lucky, you can see the turtles that dock to the shore!
If the relaxed atmosphere of beach life is not enough to make you tempted, there are many more activities you can do on this beach, such as horseback riding, for example.
Tour the Sembari Beach Riding the Horse
There are several horse rental places that you can enjoy while in Seminyak Bali. The two most famous places are Umalas Equestrian Resort Bali and Tarukan Equestrian Center. It's interesting to be around the beach at dusk while riding a horse. Moreover, riding a horse with a partner or with family.
Seminyak Beach
Location: Seminyak, Badung regency, Bali 80361


4. Conquer your fear in the superhero's training ground: SuperHero Factory Bali

do you know if supposedly the superheroes you used to know like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and others train their physical strength in Bali?
The place that was just operating in 2015 ago is not a regular fitness center. Not just physical training to be more muscular, in SuperHero Factory you are challenged to break all the fears and anxiety in order to become a person not only strong but steel mentally.
Some exciting classes you can follow here. For those of you who are afraid of heights, there is a Leap of Faith that requires you to jump from a height of 5 meters to a soft base. Once tried, surely addicted!

There's also GloMo, where you're challenged to get past the glow in the dark barriers in the darkroom, AirBlox, and other classes and obstacles ready for you to conquer. Not to forget, there is also a class parkour so you add agile and nimble like a real superhero.
Fear of injury? Do not worry, because the safety and security factors take precedence here. Coupled with the presence of experienced instructors who are ready to accompany you to practice.
So, if you're still confused to find exciting activities that can be done during a vacation in Bali, just to SuperHero Factory. Where else can you train your strength and physical dexterity as well as courage in a super-duper fun way?

And cool, SuperHero Factory is not only for adults only; so you can invite your child so they can grow as a tough person and a whiz. This is just to fill the holidays in a quality way!
Oh yes, during the holiday season this time, they also have summer camp class that you can follow every week, from Tuesday to Saturday at 10:00 to 14:00. The price is quite affordable, ie US$23 only (including bonus pizza!). Let's join the game!

This recommendation is sponsored by SuperHero Factory. Oh yes, if you need dental treatment, they also have a dental clinic you know. Do not hesitate to stop by!

SuperHero Factory Bali

Location: Jl. Sri Rama No. 8, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Phone: 0817 432 254
Operating Hours: Pk. 11:00 to 18:00 (Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday)
Price: US $ 8 for each class | US $ 12- (GloMo)


5. Eat and hang out in an exotic place: La Laguna, Nook, La Favela

If looking for unique cafes and restaurants, Seminyak is a center. The owners of the place as if always creative by displaying unique things that make their cafe or restaurant second to none! And two of them are our favorites because they offer a completely different atmosphere.

5-a. Beachfront gypsy: La Laguna
In a way, a place that has not been too long to operate this is one of the cafes that was happening lately. Its location is in Berawa area, about 10 minutes drive from Seminyak.
La Laguna features a very exotic atmosphere with bohemian-style d├ęcor like a gypsy settlement (complete with an antique caravan!).

Located right facing the white sandy beach, this cafe is not only quirky but also attracts attention because it is very rich in the colors of various ornaments, as well as padded cushions combined with furniture that is dominated by wood elements.

In addition to offering a look and atmosphere other than others, this cafe also serves a variety of dishes that are ready to evoke your taste. Complete your afternoon lazy show accompanied by a glass of La Laguna Breeze Cocktail while tasting a row of tapas menu options.
Lastly, what distinguishes this place from other cafes is the exquisite peacocks that roam around!

La Laguna
Location: Jalan Kayu Putih, Berawa, Canggu, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Telephone: 0361-474 1214
Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm
Price: Starting from US$4

5-b. Stunning views and affordable prices: Nook Bali
With a simple design typical of the countryside, the cafe is located in between the rice fields is must be visited by you who want to eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious food at affordable prices!

Although the concept of the shop, the menu is served in the restaurant is quite diverse, from traditional Balinese food like Nasi Campur to Western menus such as Quinoa and Kale Breakfast Bowl.

Relax, not only you can enjoy a variety of dishes here, children are guaranteed to love some food choices here.

Whatever the food, Nook Bali is a cool place to relax. Coupled with the background of the rice field view that will make you more satisfied take pictures.

Nook Bali
Location: Jalan Umalas 1, Gang Nook No. 1, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Phone: 0361-847 5625
Operating Hours: 8am - 10pm
Price: Starting from US$3

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