20 Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia

20 Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia

If you are reading this article, you certainly already know that Scuba Diving in Indonesia is something really special. For scuba enthusiasts, Indonesia is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. With famous places worthy of dive such as Bali, Komodo, Bunaken, Sulawesi, Wakatobi, Gili Islands or Raja Ampat. But for me, there are many things you can find in the underwater world of Indonesia. Below are 20 Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia and you can visit in one of them.

From Pulau Weh in the west of Indonesia to Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia, The region has more than 17,000 tropical islands located in the Coral Triangle, one of the only locations in the world where coral reefs and marine life are really well amongst climate change that will give you the impression of diving holidays to see what a world-class dive site looks like.

There are many options when you want to experience Scuba Diving In Indonesia. If you love world-class coral reefs, there are diving sites for you. If you love a bay full of wrecks, you'll get it too. While some locations have it all.

Every location of the Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia listed below is a dream of underwater photographers and it is up to you to decide where you are going. Based on how much time you have and what you most want to see, it's all in Indonesia diving spots.

I believe if you make a long journey to best places in Indonesia, why not combine some best dive sites in Indonesia to create your best dive trip?

Here are the 20 Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia, some of which are well known in the world and some are not well known but all are world class.

1. Raja Ampat

The best diving in Indonesia

Only the fanatical divers who dared to come to Raja Ampat to dive. Because they will be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime from one of the world-class underwater experiences.

Located on the northwestern tip of the Bird's Head Peninsula of West Papua, Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of over 1,500 small islands, caves, and lakes that surround four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo.

Papua diving Raja Ampat is a paradise for world-class divers and best snorkeling in Indonesia. There is no safer and beautiful place than Raja Ampat. But visiting this place requires a very expensive and very difficult to do. So when you do, you have to do it right.

best dive sites in Indonesia

Let's start why you should dive in Raja Ampat. You've heard that scuba diving in Raja Ampat is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Do you like warm water? manta rays, sharks, whale sharks, drift dives and almost everything you can find here. Raja Ampat has almost everything you want in diving.

Best Dive Spot In Raja Ampat
The Mioskun: The first great dive you can make in Raja Ampat is at Mioskun consisting of coral ponds located at a depth of 25 meters. This place is perfect for beginners or those at the intermediate level. Given the usually light current but sometimes it can become somewhat stronger. Here you can find lots of yellow snapper on the reef and if you dive a bit away, you can find Wobbegong Sharks, Sea Horses, Fusiliers, Trevallies, Grouper, Giant Kima, Moray and many others.

Blue Magic: One of the most famous in Raja Ampat is Blue Magic, a sea peak that starts at a depth of 7 meters and drops to a depth of 30 meters. Here you can find all the different fish species, larger predatory fish, sharks and manta rays and abundant hippocampus.

2. Scuba Diving Bali

best scuba diving in Bali

If you are planning on diving in scuba Bali, then you may have heard that Bali offers some world class diving sites. This is true, here you can find large pelagic creatures, rare macro creatures or just want to dive in warm tropical waters.

This Island is very popular with scuba diving in Bali Indonesia with world-class scuba diving location for many reasons. Offering rare and unique scenery, the beauty of the outer side is amazing, the culture is breathtaking, the beach is unspoiled and the list goes on. From the experienced dives to the new, this is the place Scuba Diving Best In Indonesia is Bali scuba.

3. Gili Island

Scuba Diving In Indonesia

Gili Island in Indonesia is a group of three small islands located off the coast of Lombok Island. These islands are famous for their white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs that surround these three islands.

So it's not surprising that Scuba Diving on Gili Island is one of the most popular places for scuba diving in Indonesia and is perfect for all diving levels.

While the three islands are incredible for scuba diving, the island of Gili has more to offer. If you plan to visit here are tips on how to get the most out of your visit.

Gili Trawangan

best places in Indonesia

The first place you should visit is Gili Trawangan called Gili T. This island is most popular among the three dike and is known as the party island. This island is the most cosmopolitan. on this island, there are many beach bars and cafes and a wide selection of accommodation. The island is also good for a romantic getaway and even a family holiday. 

Gili Air

best time to dive Indonesia

Of all the Gili, Gili Air is probably the most popular island for divers to live here. Water sports are the main attraction here. Scuba Diving, free diving, snorkeling, and surfing are the best choices to visit this island. When you're not in the water, you can try yoga, relax on the beach or even take a cooking class.

In the evenings you can enjoy the night tomb at the Gili Air night market or take a spot on the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.

Gili Meno

Indonesia diving season

Scuba Indonesia Diving Gili is a major attraction in all three of the existing Gili but Gili Meno is perhaps the least popular and the loneliest of the archipelago Gili.

Even so, the lack of crowds often makes it a popular choice for couples who want to honeymoon. One of the advantages of Gili Meno is the sand beach which is much cleaner and therefore much better.

If you are looking for a relaxing island for your diving holidays, Gili Meno is the place to visit.

Best Spot Diving around the Gili Islands

While each of the Gili Islands each has its own charm, when it comes to diving, they are so close that they share a place for you to dive,

Here are the best diving spots in the Gili Islands

Turtle City: The best place on the Gili Islands for turtles. You can also see the snapper, puffer fish, and eel with other fish.

Meno Wall: A sloping wall covered with beautiful corals. This is a great spot to see turtles, clownfish, snappers and many more. This spot is also a great place for night dives.

Bounty Wreck: A great spot to explore. suitable for open water divers. Steel frames have been turned into coral gardens and attract a lot of marine life such as squid, batfish, and jack.

Spot Sharks:
Like other dive spots on the Gili Islands, you'll see turtles and typical reef fish. But the spotlight on this spot is the shark, black tips, and white tips.

Halick: Hard and soft coral reefs and many fish make this place very popular for underwater photographers

Sunset Reef: A beautiful coral reef with colorful coral reefs like rocks that create many species of marine life.

Han's Reef: Sandy slope with some rocky terrain. Look for Nudibranch, mantis shrimps, pipefish, and flagfish in this spot.

The Turbo Shallow and Deep: Shared into two shallow Turbo (for open water diver) and Deep Turbo (for expert level divers) with large Coral "Bommies" and some shallow "gorgonians" for both small creatures and reef fish. While inside you will probably find Sharks, Stingrays as well as Tuna Fish.

Good Heart Reef: A gentle drift with some opportunities can see big fish. This spot is also great for night dives to find octopus, shrimp, lobster and Spanish Dancers.

Biorock: Gili Trawangan has the second largest Biorock place in the world. This metal structure helps to grow corals at a faster rate with the help of safer low-voltage electrical currents. With this artificial Coral that attracts much fish to gather like boxfish, clownfish, bannerfish, cowfish, and frogfish.

Wreck of Japanese Ship: Very few people know about this accident. But this is where the intro to technology. If you are doing Scuba Diving in the Gili Islands and want to try shipwreck technology, Do Blue Marlin Dive, as they are the only ones who know how to find it.

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4. Misool

scuba diving Bali

Technically, Misool is on the Raja Ampat Islands but it is worth mentioning its name in addition to a little further than Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat. Located at the Seram sea entrance about midway between Triton Bay and Sorong.

Coral and marine life in Misool is one of the best in the world. Be sure to swim at Jellyfish Lake and get the best memories for you to capture in the camera.

5. Komodo Scuba Diving

Komodo Indonesia diving

Komodo island scuba diving is One of the Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia. Here you can dive on any beach in the area to discover beautiful reefs and an impressive variety of tropical underwater life.

The diverse marine life you can see in Komodo island diving rivals the best diving destinations in the world.

Komodo Indonesia diving, Komodo dive sites is just a dream come true. Starting from Mola-mola, Mantaray, dolphins, and hawks to dwarf seahorses, ghost pipefish ornaments, clowns, nudibranchs and blue ring octopuses are all here among the colors of coral reefs. Seaspray, tunicate and Komodo dragons are a paradise for underwater enthusiasts.

6. Lombok Island

Komodo island scuba diving

The island of Lombok has been in the spotlight of many people around the world. Its location adjacent to the island of Bali offers mainly outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy hiking and surfing. Lombok may not be a popular destination for diving in Indonesia. But if you find a dive in Lombok is worth your try.

7. Alor


Komodo island diving

The Indonesian Tourism Authority wants to promote the scuba diving industry in some of their relatively world-class locations that are not widely known throughout the country, one of which is Scuba Diving in Alor.

There are many interesting scuba diving spots in Alor, We will see a very large whirlpool or large stream that looks like rivers in the ocean and they are the most amazing place to be seen directly.

If you're lucky, In Alor, you can swim along with a bunch of dolphins or pilot whales on the surface for about 20 minutes.

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8. Maumere

scuba diving in Bali Indonesia

If you are looking for an experience to a remote island in Indonesia, Scuba Diving Maumere will probably be the right choice for you. Maumere is in the middle, middle east of Flores Island, Komodo and Labuan Bajo is on the west side of the island. So put Maumere is perpendicular on the island of Timor.

Diving Flores Indonesia in Maumere with its calm waters, you find many colorful corals, whales and also dolphins.

Maumere is famous for its excellent diving and drop-off wall dives and is a unique place for those looking for less common places to dive in Indonesia. 

9. Lembada

The best diving in Bali

Along with Alor and Maumere, Lembata is one of the least visited islands and is, therefore, the most natural area in East Nusa Tenggara. There are a lot of volcano climbing places and there are many traditional cultures in the region to enjoy and certainly a great diving spot for you to visit. So enjoy dive sites that have not been touched for yourself.

10. Selayar & Takabonerate

The best diving in Sulawesi

Diving South Sulawesi is not an easy place to reach. But this place offers Best Scuba Diving in Indonesia for those who want to take the time to visit. Selayar is an archipelago of 73 islands and a gateway to Takabonerate National Park. Takabonerate National Park is one of the third largest coral atolls in the world and offers a unique underwater beauty.

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11. Weh Island

Wakatobi diving

Weh Island is a small island off the west coast of Sumatra Island that has an interesting underwater volcano, At Pulau Weh, there are at least twenty dive sites suitable for all levels and experiences. If you do not have much time on Pulau Weh, be sure to visit the Underwater Volcano and Canyon, the two best scuba diving sites on Weh Island.

12. Maratua, Derawan dan Sangalaki

Manado Indonesia diving

Indonesia diving spots Maratua, Derawan, and Sangalaki, As well as all the islands off the coast of Indonesia on the island of Borneo, these three islands are relatively close but offer something totally different from other Indonesian diving spots. All worth visiting for anyone interested in the more advanced Scuba Scuba Diving Site in Indonesia to see thousands of great beings.

13. Togean Island

Bunaken diving

Diving in Indonesia offers so many Scuba Diving Locations with different options. Everyone knows that places like Bali have had great diving spots, but Togean does not get the attention it deserves.

Togean is a group of islands in the Gulf of Tomini consisting of about 50 islands, some of which have white sandy beaches and others have volcanic black sand beaches, but they are all very beautiful.

Most of the islands have free tropical forests that lie beneath the equator that you may find giant Coconut Crabs that are sometimes eaten by locals.

Aside from being one of the great diving spots, Togean also mostly has resorts or diving hotels that offer tours to visit local villages such as Bajo or the Gypsy Sea.

Although visiting Togean takes a lot of time, but worth the trip First, you have to make a long flight to Indonesia to Jakarta or Bali. To get to Togean Island, the fastest way is to fly to Luwuk and then take a taxi to Ampana. From here you can take the ferry to Wakai.

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14. Bangka dan Belitung Islands

Indonesia diving season

The islands of Bangka and Belitung are groups of islands off the eastern coast of Sumatra that are perfect for underwater photographers interested in photographing healthy coral reefs and much smaller fish. Here you will not meet a non-Indonesian diver in this less-known location. But the dive here is spectacular.

15. Gorontalo

Sulawesi diving

The next best diving in Indonesia is Gorontalo. Gorontalo is located along the coastline of Sulawesi. Located on the equator line and you will even see the curve of the earth here. Gorontalo is also a popular place for those interested in the underwater world. Because there are so many pelagic marine life such as whales and whale sharks that will be the best opportunity to see the Giants even though they are also elsewhere.

16. Lembeh, Manado, Bunaken Islands

Wakatobi diving


North Sulawesi island is another popular place for underwater photographers. Manado Indonesia is located on the main island which is the best diving in Sulawesi. the most famous is Bunaken diving Indonesia, while Lembeh and Wakatobi Islands are small islands off the coast. These areas are in the vicinity of the Lembeh Strait known for its rich biodiversity. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the underwater park if you visit Manado Indonesia diving precisely in Bunaken.

17. Wakatobi

Wakatobi diving

Wakatobi was named one of the best diving destinations in the world by Jaques Cousteau. Wakatobi is very high on the list of the world's best dives. Wakatobi diving is actually composed of four main islands and most famous for its coral and marine biota. So fly here to see something beautiful under the sea Wakatobi.

18. Banda Islands

places in Indonesia

Banda Islands is a small island that is often bypassed by divers for dive sites that are easier to access. But for those who are looking for a secluded place with an abundance of marine life and healthy waters, the Banda Islands should be your destination. You can even combine Banda with Ambon by ferry boat and Misool is not too far away, because you are in the area.

19. Ambon

Lembeh diving

Ambon is the capital of Maluku. Ambon is known as the famous spice island in Indonesia. Indonesia dive sites are often combined with the Banda Islands that you can visit by boat. Ambon is the only place in the world where you can see psychedelic frogfish. And when someone sees this news, all divers will come here from all over the world.

20. Biak Islands

diving in Indonesia

Biak adventure is located in Cendrawasih Bay, West Papua. Here there are at least 67 islands and the largest is Biak Island which each has a white sandy beach, warm waters and excellent viewing distance for Scuba Diving. Although coral reefs here are not as healthy as in Raja Ampat, if you want to travel far in Indonesia, Biak Islands is the place.

For those who want to dive in Indonesia, One of the 20 Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia is a must. But make sure you stay here for more than just diving because Indonesia is also a great area to explore.

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