10 Most Popular Tourism In Ngawi - Places In Indonesia

10 Most Popular Tourism In Ngawi
Van Den Bosch Fortress, Ngawi

Ngawi is a district located in the western part of East Java Province, Indonesia and directly adjacent to Central Java Province. With an area of 1,298.58 square kilometers, Ngawi is endowed with an exotic and interesting natural charm to visit and enjoy its charm.

As in other districts in Java, Ngawi District also has many interesting and popular tourist places to visit. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the Bride Waterfall, Visiting the Ancient Site of Trinil or visit the Van Den Bosch Fort Dutch heritage that still stands majestically until now.

Here are 10 Most Popular Tourism In Ngawi you can visit and enjoy the beauty with friends or family while on vacation to Ngawi District.

1. Trinil Archaeological Site Museum

tourism in East Java

The Most Popular Tourist Places In Ngawi you can visit is the Trinil Archaeological Museum Museum located in the Bengawan Solo River Valley. This site is an ancient human settlement since the Pleistocene era about 1 million years ago. Trinil is an archaeological site of Indonesian paleoanthropology located in Kawu Village, Kedunggalar Subdistrict, Ngawi District, East Java Province, Indonesia.

The site discovered by Eugene Dubois in 1891 is now a Trinil Museum with a collection of fossil skulls of Pithecanthropus, ancient tiger bone fossils (Felis Trigis), ivory fossils and molars of ancient elephants (Stegodon Trigonocephalus) and ancient bull fossil horns (Bibos Palaesondaicus).

Sites built and professed by Prof. Teuku Jacob, a physical anthropologist from the University of Gajah Mada is worth your visit with family while visiting the District of Ngawi, East Java Province, Indonesia.

2. Bridal Waterfall

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Bridal Waterfall is one of Ngawi Tourist Places that has not been widely known by tourists. Waterfall located in Hargomulyo Village, District Ngrambe is one of the unique waterfalls in East Java. This waterfall is formed from the lava river flow Lawu Mountain while the other is a local spring.

A pair of waterfalls that flowing down the 12-meter high down this unceasing will reconcile your heart especially when tired of attacking. Besides enjoying the freshness of Bride Waterfall, you can also stop by the green area of Jamus Tea Plantation and Japanese Cave which become Ngawi Tourist Icon.

3. Srambang Waterfall

Tourists in Ngawi

Srambang Waterfall is one of the most popular tourism In Ngawi that you can visit. Located at the foot of Mount Lawu, District Jogorogo, you can see the splendor of Srambang Waterfall as high as 25 meters with the atmosphere of the mountains cool and cold air that will make you feel at home for long in this place.

4. Jamus Tea Plantation

Most Popular Tourists in Ngawi

Interesting Places In Ngawi next you can visit while on vacation to Ngawi Regency is Jamus Tea Plantation in District Sine, Ngawi District, East Java Province. In this place, you can feel the peace and tranquility of the soul because the air in this place is cool and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

In addition to enjoying a beautiful panorama of tea plantations, In this place, there is also a bathing pool that will make you fresh bath in this place.

5. Mountain Liliran

Most Popular Tourists in Ngawi

Gunung Liliran is a famous historical tour for Javanese people. In this place every month Muharram (Shura) is always visited by the pilgrims at the top of the hill during the day and night. Some of those who come to meditate in some caves and some come to pilgrimage to Joko Buduk Tomb.

In addition to a place of pilgrimage, In this place, you will also be served with a beautiful panorama of rice fields and rivers that curve north towards the River Solo so it is not excessive if Mount Liliran is one of the Most Popular Places In Ngawi visited by many tourists. which is worth your visit.

6. van Den Bosch Fortress

10 Most Popular Tourism In Ngawi

Fortress of Den Bosch better known as Pendem Fort is one of Places In Indonesia which is a historical site of Dutch relics used as a fortress strategy Steesel Castle in an effort to narrow the space of Prince Diponegoro in guerrilla warfare. The castle is located in Pelem Village. District Ngawi, Ngawi District has a size of 165 meters x 80 meters with an area of about 80 hectares. In this fortress there is also the Tomb of Muhammad Nursalim K.H, one of the followers of Prince Diponegoro who was arrested by the Dutch and brought to this fortress.

Currently fortress, van Den Bosch is open to the public and serves as one of Ngawi Tourist Places which are visited by many tourists.

7. Watu Jonggol Waterfall

Most Popular Tourists in Ngawi

Another exotic Ngawi Tour Charm that you can visit tourism in East Java is Watu Jonggol Waterfall. But to visit this waterfall, you have to pass the rural road where the right and left of the road is mostly rice fields and plantations. You also have to scour the slopes of Mount Lawu whose road conditions are a bit steep and steep. However, during the trip, you will be served with the scenery of the exotic forest by passing a series of stones arranged naturally and artistically as out of the cliff face with a waterfall flowing down that looks so beautiful to be enjoyed.

8. Selondo Village

Ngawi Popular Tourism

Selondo Village is one of Ngawi Tourist Places located in Ngrayudan Village, Jogorogo Subdistrict, Ngawi Regency, East Java Province. In this 3-hectare resort area is equipped with various facilities such as swimming pool, meeting place, restaurant and various kiosks selling the handicrafts of Ngawi community including agribusiness products.

9. Hargo Dumilah

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Get a beautiful atmosphere in Hargo Dumilah located on the northern slopes of Mount Lawu or precisely located in Setono Village, District Ngrambe about 30 kilometers from downtown Ngawi. The beauty of teak trees lined the edge of the pool will add to the graceful atmosphere of Hargo Dumilah bath pool.

With the backdrop of Mount Lawu and the rice fields, you will find tranquility and comfort from the natural nature that will surely give a feel for yourself and your family while visiting this place.

10. Waterpark Tirtonirmolo

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Most Popular Tourism In Ngawi next you can visit is Waterpark Tirtonirmolo located in the Village Tempuran, District Paron, Ngawi District. Tourist attractions inaugurated in 2012 have a vehicle that is complete enough for you and your family visit.

Waterpark Tirtomolo which is the Most Popular Places In Ngawi offers rides skating ponds, spider pools, children's pool, boat bombs, fountain fountains, water parks and spilled buckets. In addition to having water rides for you and your family to enjoy, Tirtonormola Waterpark is also equipped with Ganrung Train (Mono Rail), Pedicab family, Family Train, Bom-bom Car, Bianglala, Motor ATV and many others.

With a cheap ticket each person, Waterpark Tirtonirmolo tourist attractions is feasible for you and your family visit while on vacation to the City of Ngawi, East Java.
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